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Best Online Shopping Website in Pakistan

Shopyar brings to you the Best Online Shopping Website in Pakistan with the fastest delivery and for sellers, we are giving Sellers on Shopyar a 0% commission leverage so they can provide a genuine discount to our customers.

As it is known that when we search for a product online, a lot of times we get a product that is overpriced, or even after the discount it is barely equal to the market price.
And even if you select a product you still have to wait from 3 to 7 days to get your product delivered to you. and once the product is delivered you are still exposed to the possibility of a problem. i. e. defective product or the delivered product is not what you ordered.

Why Do We Want To Be The Best Online Shopping Website in Pakistan?

We thought to ourselves how can we make online shopping easier, more hassle-free, and quicker in terms of delivery, so we came up with Shopyar.
We are providing our sellers with a platform where they can sell at no extra cost, we will not be charging them any commission, our sellers will be working with us on a 0% commission so that the seller does not have to keep their prices artificially high and they can provide genuine discounts.
As marketplace commissions are one of the costs the seller has to incur, we have saved them that expenditure so that they will not have to raise the prices artificially.
This will, in turn, benefit our customers and they will be able to buy products at the best possible price at the comfort of their homes.

Now, the other thing that Shopyar has worked on is delivery. Shopyar has a dedicated delivery department that will only serve customers of Shopyar and we can deliver items to our customers as soon as the same day as they have placed the order and when the item is delivered, our customers check the item and if the item is defective or the item delivered is not what you ordered we return it, not to mention we first check it at our warehouse.

Why Choose Us?

We are looking to revolutionize online shopping in Pakistan and so that online shopping becomes more quality-driven and to make item delivery the quickest so that whenever you order online, the last thing that comes to your mind is the delivery time of your order.

Our Social Media Handles

We are committed to make this the best online shopping website in Pakistan and are working really hard to make this happen. To Follow us and our progress like our Facebook page. We are looking forward to bringing brands and companies that you like and admire the most, so stay tuned.